Single bed motorhomes

Motorhome Layout and Features

Are you planning to purchase a motorhome so that you can camp just about anywhere on the road or wilderness while enjoying all the comforts of modern living? Well, there’s only one way to be sure that you’ll feel comfortable. You ought to focus extensively on the layout and features of the motorhome you’re about to buy. First, the type of bed the mobile home has is essential. Single bed motorhomes are the most comfortable. So, it would help if you avoided corner wheeled-homes since they may not offer the comfort you want. 

Motorhome Layout

You should ensure that the layout of your motorhome has functional, usable storage space both on the inside and outside. For instance, the wardrobe should come with enough hanging capacity. The majority of motorhomes have side door entry while some have back door entry. If you choose a motorhome with a back door, ensure the dust sealing as well as the scupper vent in the roof to pressurize the van is correctly working to minimize dust.  

Showers and Toilets

Good motorhomes will come with inbuilt showers, hot water, and toilet facilities. You should ensure all these facilities are available and in proper working condition before you buy the vehicle. Since the showers and toilets and other fixtures require cleaning, you need to make sure they are easy to do so. Larger motorhomes are available with separate toilets, and they are suitable for a family.

Kitchen & Air Condition

Some motorhomes feature a fully equipped kitchen. Among other things, a microwave oven can be one of the essential features. However, if your motorhome doesn’t have one, you can consider adding one. Air-conditioning is another crucial aspect depending on your choice or if you live or plan on visiting areas with high temperatures. Many new motorhomes are built to order. That means you have the option of customizing your motorhome layout and fixtures to suit your needs and preferences. 


The interior layout and fixtures of a motorhome are essential. As you can see, there are many things to consider depending on your needs and style. Some of them are discussed above. The size and type of bed is a critical consideration. When you prefer single bed motorhomes or double bed ones, it’s entirely up to you since all that depends on your sleeping requirements. You can also consider the various styles of beds. Some people would love to go for the fold-up bed to enjoy extra space during the day. Where you want, the bed position is also essential. Talk to a skilled professional and get advised appropriately.