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How To Improve The Hotel Experience For Your Customers?

You can stay in a five start hotel or a luxury apartment but there would be still those certain things that you would see missing that makes a hotel room feel more comfortable and homely. Staying away from is different but we think that hotels need to pay attention to small details that the clients feel are missing in order to make the overall stay of the clients more warm and welcoming.

According to some visitors there are a lot of places to stay in Hamilton such as hotels and holiday homes in Hamilton but there are certain things that they thought were missing from the service that could have made the overall experience much better. Instead of mentioning the names of the places let us just talk in general about certain small changes that hotels can add to their service to improve the stay of the clients.

1. A water bottle

Most of the hotels do offer this service but they should make sure that the bottle is fresh and not full of dust. I mean people complain about dusty water bottles in the room with unsanitary glass that one would never use. Try to put plastic cups and a fresh bottle of water.

2. Mini Refrigerator

Don’t put a mini bar in the room. Everyone doesn’t drink plus people want to bring back leftovers from dinner or launch that they can eat afterwards. A decent place to store then would be nice instead of leaving them on the table.

3. Ionic Hair Dryer

Hairdryers are a must. You can’t expect someone not to take a shower or carry their own hairdryer with them at all time. Plus if you do put a hairdryer don’t fix it to the bathroom wall. People like to take it into the room and comfortably dry their hair.

4. Slam doors

Installing slam free doors would be so much more comfortable than those loud doors that cause disturbance every time housekeeping or a family member leaves the room. It’s a small cost to bear for a great service.

5. A mirror in the bathroom

Please do put makeup mirrors in the bathroom. A woman needs her mirror to start her day. Not having a mirror to do her makeup would be a disaster. So install vanity mirrors and cabinets in the bathroom to provide ease and comfort to the clients.