The Changing Landscape of Byron Bay Luxury Accommodation.

Byron Bay is known for its eclectic mix of cultures. When the whaling industry finished in the 1960’s Byron’s strong surfing culture began to thrive, as those dedicated to the ocean flocked across the globe to surf the world renown breaks. People seeking an alternative lifestyle followed in the 70’s, and by the 80’s Byron was known as a hippie town. It was in the 90’s when John Cornell purchased the Top Pub that a shift occurred, with other wealthy investors seeing the potential in this stunning coastal town. Fast forward to today and Byron is awash with a heady mix of backpackers, domestic and international tourists, celebrities, multi-millionaires, and the 9,000 residents that live in the town too.

The Byron Bay luxury accommodation is no longer limited to a handful of luxury homes, and Byron Bay hotels. The rise of boutique style accommodation in Byron Bay that appeals very much to the millennials’ need for tailored, personalised experiences, has seen a sudden growth. The Atlantic and The Bower are two prime examples of successful lifestyle hotels that rank highly in the Byron Bay luxury accommodation market, for their meticulous attention to detail in design and service.

More recently the rise of Airbnb has disrupted the luxury accommodation space in this small town. Residents have opened their prime real estate, located in prime locations to the public; an attractive proposition for tourists who discover that demand outweighs supply when it comes to booking accommodation in this small town. This attractive income stream for homeowners has resulted in residents styling their homes with coastal chic linens, offering local produce on arrival, and organic toiletries that would compete with hotels. As the notion of a shared economy becomes a digestible proposition with an older demographic, Airbnb looks to be strengthening its hold in the luxury travel market.

In this renown destination town with a booming tourist industry, the mix of innovators with an entrepreneurial community ensures that for whatever your definition of luxury is, you’ll find something that satisifies when searching for Byron Bay Luxury Accommodation.