adult-only hotels in Mauritius

What You Should Anticipate in All Adult-only Hotels in Mauritius

All adult-only hotels in Mauritius are ideal for guests who prefer a quiet resort to unwind. Here, all the customers enjoy luxurious facilities and extra space at relatively higher booking fees.

Expect to shortly discover multiple amenities in these world-class hotels.

6 Common Facilities in all Adult-Only Hotels in Mauritius


Interestingly, many adult-only hotels in Mauritius offer free Wi-Fi to all their customers once they arrive. In other cases, the hotel managers may require you to pay a disclosed amount to access this facility throughout your stay.


A few notable resorts, like Ambre, allow customers to rent a bicycle to cycle around in their free time. Usually, the management does not include this expense in the original hotel booking fee.

Workout room

Modern Mauritius hotels feature a fitness center with countless facilities, like dumbbells. Additionally, you meet a certified fitness trainer to guide you through different forms of exercise.

Swimming pool

A contemporary adult-only Mauritius hotel is incomplete until they construct a well-designed pool. Therefore, couples or other grownups can enjoy swimming in their free time at no additional charge.

Parking space

All customers can access this facility in any adult-only hotel in Mauritius for free after they check-in. By and large, each customer can strictly access a parking space for one car to guarantee fairness for all the clients.

Private balcony

Fascinatingly, the customers of these 5-star hotels enjoy more privacy because of the overall design of the building.


All luxurious hotels in Mauritius have this facility where visitors can enjoy a glass of their preferred alcoholic drink.

Do Customers Get Housekeeping Services in Adult-only Hotels in Mauritius?

Yes, they do! Interestingly, these restaurants have hotel phones that you can use to request laundry and room cleaning services. You strictly need to call the receptionist to order these cleaning services.

How to Confirm Availability of Adult Only Hotels in Mauritius

A customer must visit the Mauritius hotel’s official website and locate the ‘Check Availability’ button. The hotel’s web system will prompt them to provide their preferred check-in and check-out dates to get this feedback.

Can Guests See the Ocean View when they Book Adult-Only Hotels in Mauritius?

Yes, they can! A few customers who book a beach hotel in Mauritius can enjoy this breathtaking view from their private balcony.

Closing Words

Lastly, adult-only hotels in Mauritius are more restrictive because they’re for grownups. Therefore, you must prove your age with your national identification card for the management to approve your booking online.