catamaran cruise in mauritius

How to Book a Catamaran Cruise in Mauritius for a Private Tour

Nowadays, touring companies have websites that travelers can visit to book a private catamaran cruise in Mauritius. Fortunately, some companies give irresistible offers to clients that book over 72 hours in advance. This extensive write-up will compare a catamaran and a cruise ship.

2 Sure Ways of Reserving a Private Catamaran Cruise in Mauritius

1. Direct Calling

A traveler can contact the touring company to reserve a space for an unforgettable vacation. Nowadays, clients can call the tour company’s number or email them.

The customer care staff will ask for particular information such as:

  • Traveler’s full names
  • Age
  • Preferred fun activities.
  • Date

2. Online booking

These days, tourists can visit the respective website to book a reservation. The client will have to select their favorite cruise package before completing the booking. A good package includes a meal, water sports such as snorkeling, and a drink.

Why a Catamaran Cruise Mauritius is Better than a Cruise Ship

The following are reasons why more travelers prefer a catamaran tour to a cruise ship excursion.

  • An Impressive Passenger Capacity

Interestingly, a catamaran boat can accommodate at most 100 clients for each Mauritius catamaran tour. Therefore, this vessel is highly preferable, particularly for agoraphobic travelers.

  • Ideal for Deep and Shallow Waters

A cruise ship is strictly perfect for deep water and thus can’t sail along the coastline. For this reason, a catamaran boat is good for travelers who want to explore the coast for educational or fun purposes.

  • Sufficient Private Rooms

A cruise ship is too large, with multiple sections that might be unnecessary to travelers. Conversely, a catamaran has specific facilities that a passenger might need, such as a washroom.

  • Lower Your Fees

A catamaran tour is more expensive than a cruise ship tour as the latter has multiple amenities. Therefore, this vessel is more pocket-friendly to travelers, especially those who travel in groups.

catamaran cruise in mauritius

3 Intriguing Facts about a Catamaran Cruise in Mauritius

Here are a few intriguing facts about a complete catamaran cruise trip in Mauritius.

  • A catamaran sail is highly comfortable and relaxing as this vessel is stable.
  • Each vessel has multiple facilities, including cookers and a resting area.
  • It features a dining area where travelers can enjoy finger-licking dishes.

Closing View

Finally, a Catamaran cruise in Mauritius is the best vessel for snorkeling and other water activities. Unknown to some, such tours are relatively affordable as each cruising trip can cost as low as $69.