5 Star Hotels in Port Louis Mauritius

Why Travelers Book 5 Star Hotels in Port Louis Mauritius Despite the Exorbitant Fees

5 Star Hotels in Port Louis Mauritius charge unheard-of booking fees per night for intriguing reasons. However, many travelers don’t mind paying such booking fees to spend a night or two there. This blog will help you understand the different reasons for this.

7 Reasons to Book 5-star Hotels in Port Louis in Mauritius in 2023

1. Good Customer Service

The beauty of such accommodation facilities is that they have sufficient staff to attend to the guests. Therefore, clients can get multiple room services, such as cleaning, food, and wellness services.

2. Highly Luxurious

People go for a short tour to relax and enjoy multiple luxurious facilities after a hectic work schedule. Fortunately, such hotels have incredible amenities such as gyms, bathtubs, and fast-speed internet.

3. Family-Friendly

The good news is that such hotels at Port Louis in Mauritius have baby-friendly amenities, like playgrounds and food-warming services. Additionally, each hotel can contain multiple bedrooms to accommodate large families.

4. Couple-Friendly

Interestingly, some hotels are adult-friendly with facilities, including restaurants, bars, and private resting areas for couples. Therefore, newlyweds can visit such accommodation facilities to bond with each other.

5. Multiple Room Services

Deep-pocketed clients can ask for various services such as dry cleaning, ironing, and laundry cleaning services. Luckily, the hotels demand an additional amount for such services.

Therefore, such accommodation facilities warrant a traveler’s comfort during their stay there.

6. Business-Related Services

The beauty of 5-star hotels is that they have various business facilities, such as cyber cafes. Therefore, they’re ideal for working remotely, as one enjoys the vacation. For instance, one can seek scanning, photo-taking, and photocopying services for online submission.

7. Fun-Filled Outdoor Activities

Unlike other hotels, such places have multiple facilities that support activities such as swimming, cycling, and snorkeling. Additionally, the management hire several sporting professionals that watch over the clients as they play to warrant their safety.

5 Star Hotels in Port Louis Mauritius

Factors that Affect the Booking Fees of Hotels in Port Louis Mauritius

  • Stay Duration

Firstly, hotels charge a given amount per night for all the clients that book it. Therefore, the longer one stays, the higher the total booking fees.

  • Location

A hotel’s location also affects the booking fee they charge their clients. For example, hotels close to roads and beaches have slightly higher accommodation rates.


In closing, all 5 Star Hotels in Port Louis Mauritius get enviable client reviews for multiple reasons. Therefore, potential clients shouldn’t let the high booking fees dissuade them from staying in such accommodation facilities.