Coolum Beach Resort

What Competitors Don’t want You To Know About Coolum Beach Resort

If you’ve ever visited Coolum Beach, you must have heard about the Coolum Beach resort. You’ll be surprised to know that this beautiful resort draws thousands of international tourists. This well-researched blog will disclose essential information about this place.

Coolum Beach Resort

Coolum Beach Resort:

You’ll see why you should consider visiting this resort for a memorable best vacation destination and best hospitality.

What Makes Coolum Beach Resort Outstanding?

There’s no better way to begin than by explaining why this beach stands out in Australia. You’ll be shocked to know that this beach resort attracts millions of local and international visitors every year. Here are undisclosed facts about this unique resort.

  • Multiple accommodation facilities: hundreds of visitors frequent Coolum Beach thanks to their countless accommodation apartments there. The beauty of these apartments is that they are all palatial and self-contained.
  • Room service: most customers prefer to request room services when necessary. The good news is that these room attendants charge a reasonable amount of money.
  • Air conditioning: research shows that hundreds of tourists visit the beach accommodation Sunshine Coast even during the winter season. We can attribute this to the availability of air conditioners.
  • Additional facilities: here’s some good news there are multiple luxurious facilities available for you. For instance, you can get a gym, SPA shops, and a swimming pool. Therefore, you can try out multiple fun-filled activities.
  • Secure Wi-Fi: unknown to some, the resort provides complimentary Wi-Fi to the customers. In some cases, the customers can enjoy this fast-speed internet for as long as they please.
  • Car park: most visitors opt to travel in their car, especially when going for a vacation. The good news is that there’s secure car parking space available for you. Please note that the management may charge you a small parking fee.
  • Convenient location: unlike most resorts, this is at a suitable location. It’s along the 7-13 Beach road in Coolum Beach. Therefore, a customer can quickly get there by road.
  • Finger licking food: you’ll see countless high-end restaurants in Coolum beach resort. Apart from that, you can enjoy tasty BBQ at the BBQ section.
  • Hotel and resort fees: most travelers prefer to visit resorts that offer budget-friendly charges. The good news is that this resort demand relatively good hotel and resort fees.

Coolum Beach Resort

In conclusion, there’s no better place to visit than the Coolum Beach resort. The facilities and  hospitality you’ll get there are second to none. Apart from that, this place still tops the list of the best family vacation destinations.